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Parks, Experiences and Products is the global hub that brings Disney stories, characters and franchises to life through theme parks and recreation hotels, cruise and vacation experiences, and consumer products, including toys, apparel, books and video games.

The Studios Content group encompasses a collection of world-class entertainment studios that produce high-quality cinematic storytelling for both theatrical and direct-to-stream releases. It is also home to Disney Theatrical Productions, producer of popular shows on Broadway and around the world.

At Disney Corporate, the strongest brands come together to create the most innovative, far-reaching and admired company in the world. Behind our unforgettable entertainment and experiences, we have a diverse support team of talented people who help bring Disney’s unique storytelling to life.

Discover where a career at Disney could take you. Whether it’s in Legal, Production, Technology or Parks Attractions Operations, this is your chance to help families around the world create memories they’ll never forget.

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largely portrayed Chavez and his socialist ideology in a negative light.[7] The script depicts Venezuelans as contemptuous of Americans. [8] They repeatedly claim that Pawnee and the United States are inferior compared to the power and splendor they are accustomed to in Venezuela.[9] Their negative attitude towards Americans is particularly demonstrated by the name of their delegation, the Committee to Humiliate and Shame America ,[8] as well as the line from one of the delegates, “This is not personal. your city is disgusting. “[8]

Leer más  Faith no more sol invictus writer Heather Havrilesky called the episode an “instant classic” and especially praised Fred Armisen’s performance. She said the episode “benefits from the growing habit of the show’s writers to give political scandal to local events.” [11] Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger said it was “another strong one,” and said Leslie’s character is growing less disoriented and more three-dimensional.[10] Robert Philpot of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said he thought the show was too much likeThe Office (U.S. TV series)|The Office, but that “Sister City” showed that Parks and Recreation can match The Office.” [7] IGN’s Fowler said that the anti-American sentiment demonstrated by the Venezuelan delegation “was a fun twist that didn’t completely wear thin, though it came close.” Fowler particularly praised Armisen, said he took a risk in eclipsing the regular cast, and Plaza’s sardonic comedy.[9] Not all reviews were positive. A.V. Club writer Leonard Pierce, who said he felt the second season had been excellent so far, described “Sister City” as “easily the weakest episode of the season, perhaps the series”. Pierce called the political tones “ham-handed,” the humor was too over-the-top, and the episode suffered from the absence of most of the supporting cast.[13]

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Offerman’s performance has received widespread critical acclaim. The character developed a cult following and is widely considered the series’ lead character. Schur called Ron “our MVP of the cast.” Some critics describe him as one of the best sitcom characters in decades, and he has been considered the best sitcom character on television since Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer . The platonic relationship between Ron and Leslie was compared to that of Mary Richards and Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show . Offerman received several award nominations for the role and won the TCA award for individual achievement in comedy, tying with Modern Family’s Ty Burrell .

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Paste ranked him second on its Top 20 list, saying, “In four seasons, Ron has become a standout over the cast of incredible characters and already looks poised to join the elite list of TV’s best comedic characters . ” [84]

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Dado que la agricultura representa más del 80% del consumo de agua, el futuro del regadío sigue siendo una de las claves esenciales de la gestión del agua en España. Frenar el crecimiento de la demanda de agua, que sigue aumentando en algunas regiones, y reorientar los recursos disponibles hacia usos más productivos desde el punto de vista económico y social son dos de los objetivos básicos de la nueva política del agua. En este contexto, este artículo presenta los resultados de una reciente investigación sobre las grandes zonas regables de promoción pública en la cuenca del Guadalquivir y los retos que plantea la nueva reforma de la Política Agraria Común y la Directiva Marco del Agua. A partir de un exhaustivo trabajo de campo en tres comunidades de regantes, los autores plantean un diagnóstico de la situación actual; identifican las fuertes inercias que explican la persistencia del modelo de uso del agua existente; y, en particular, analizan las condiciones existentes para la definición de un tema clave en el debate actual sobre el agua, como es la nueva distribución espacial y temporal de los recursos disponibles.

Parks and recreation reparto
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