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La Nintendo Switch es una videoconsola híbrida que admite el entretenimiento multiplataforma y puede actuar como una consola doméstica estándar o un dispositivo portátil. Varios desarrolladores crean y lanzan juegos para un jugador y para fiestas para la Switch que abarcan varios géneros e incluyen elementos que muchos jugadores pueden disfrutar. Entender un poco los tipos de juegos para Nintendo Switch que puedes comprar y lo que pueden incluir puede ayudarte a encontrar los que se ajustan a tu estilo de juego.

Hay una gran variedad de géneros de videojuegos disponibles en la Nintendo Switch, incluyendo juegos de aventura, tiradores, simulaciones, juegos de fiesta, corredores, plataformas y mucho más. Aquí tienes un puñado de algunos de los juegos más vendidos en Nintendo Switch:

Sports Story – Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Are you at home and do not know what to do with so much free time? More and more people love video games, they are very entertaining, they deal with many different themes and some are even educational. Our team, after much research, selected the best games for Nintendo Switch that you can find in Mexico. Bring out your competitive side and get ready to have fun with your family embarking on an adventure with one of the ten video games we show you belowNintendo Switch best games

According to the most experienced players, this is the best fighting game on the Switch so it could not be left out of our selection. The already traditional fighters are joined by new ones for a total of 74 characters that will take part in incredible fights that take place in the usual Nintendo scenarios and in other new ones from Capcom, Bandai Namco, SEGA or Konami.This version also includes new attack and defense options, new objects to recreate faster and more realistic fights and the possibility of carrying out battles of all against all from 4 to 8 players. For music lovers, this game will be a real discovery because it has an incredible soundtrack and you will be able to download new contents weekly. We begin our selection with several video games of the Mario saga, undoubtedly an iconic character of the Nintendo family that we all love. The first of them is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Nintendo Switch – Standard Edition.Brand: NintendoPlatform: NintendoRating: Everyone 10+Genre: Fighting

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Mario Strikers: Battle League – Launch Trailer

You might also be interested in: “Cyberpunk 2077: DLC won’t be revealed until after launch To top this off, the leaker gave us Nintendo fans a heads up that “Golden Sun” will be back, but not now. And that’s where the scoop ends. At the time of writing, Nintendo has not denied or commented on the rumor in any way and most likely will not do so due to their policies on their gaming issues, we have to remember that this alleged leak is to be taken at face value and hope that they are somewhat right.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise (Nintendo Switch)

What is the main problem with Go Vacation? The very mechanics of the mini-games are very simple: the control is arcade, as expected, but not only that, but it sins of simplicity. In mini-games like jet skis or car racing, the vehicle control is imprecise. You don’t need more, it’s true, because we always seem to have an advantage over the rest of the AI-controlled players, but it’s something that becomes apparent when we play with a real player. The competition can become tedious.

In other calmer mini-games the control and its own defects of the patent simplicity, is not usually a problem although it is still present. But we do believe that although there are several game modes on many occasions, these are repetitions of the rest with other mechanics such as going through hoops or racing in circuits instead of point to point. We could summarize the control problem in one element: Bandai Namco was more concerned with quantity (of mini-games) than quality.

Nintendo switch sports games
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