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The legend of zelda breath of the wild: The crimson moon [152].

Go to guide indexA new update for Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released last November 9, which allows us to get a new armor, based on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the new Japanese role-playing game for Nintendo Switch that will be released on December 1.

Following this we are given the clues to three locations, which we will have to visit at night, and look up at the sky to see a red shooting star fall, which leads us to a chest, where we will find a piece of armor.

Here we will have to go to the Skull Lake, in the northeast of the map, in the Akala region. If you have it unlocked, teleport to the Izukna Shrine in one of the “eyes” of the skull, and look to the east. You will see the star fall, and you will just have to go and open the chest.

Now let’s go to the Hebra Mountain Range, in the northwest of the map, specifically to the Hebra Summit, the highest place in the whole region. Once we get to the top, we will have to look southeast, and we will see the star.

Zelda Breath of the Wild #08 – The Crimson Moon – Tiasmile

First, there must be at least one player in the world who has a health pool of 120. This means that they must have used at least one Life Crystal to increase their health above 100 base points.

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If both conditions are met, there is an 11.11% chance that the Blood Moon will occur during a given night. It is also reasonably easy to know when it starts because players receive “The Blood Moon is coming up…” notification beforehand.

When the event starts, the enemy generation rate increases dramatically compared to the normal amount. At the same time, the maximum amount of enemies that can appear at the same time also increases significantly, creating a scenario where players are constantly surrounded by hordes of monsters at all times.

NPCs living inside your house also lose the ability to reduce enemy generation rates, making your backyard an area where monsters continuously appear.

Breath Of The Wild – Prueba Heroica Santuario De Midraoh

Los efectos de la Luna de Sangre comienzan alrededor de las 11:30 PM, aunque la Luna de Sangre en sí misma puede verse normalmente desde las 10:00 PM cuando la Luna se eleva en el cielo. A las 11:30 PM, la Malicia surgirá del suelo, como cuando Link está a bordo de una Bestia Divina corrompida, alrededor de los Pozos de la Malicia, o en los terrenos del Castillo de Hyrule. A las 11:50 PM, el cielo se volverá rojo, y las nubes empezarán a pasar muy rápido. Cuando llegue la medianoche, la princesa Zelda advertirá a Link de que ha surgido una Luna de Sangre y le aconsejará que tenga cuidado[5] Hino, del Establo de los Picos del Duelo, es la principal fuente de información sobre las Lunas de Sangre, y se le puede ver actuando de forma extraña durante el periodo de tiempo que afecta al mundo.

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Cocinar durante este periodo da un aumento de efecto a la comida[6] Este periodo de tiempo se puede identificar fácilmente, ya que las motas de Malicia permanecen en el aire durante esos 45 minutos, o determinando si Hino sigue actuando de forma extraña. Si ha vuelto a la normalidad, el efecto ha desaparecido, y Link debe esperar a la siguiente Luna de Sangre.

Durante el escenario “Todo Hyrule, unido”, surge una Luna de Sangre después de que las Bestias Divinas bombardearan a Calamity Ganon con sus láseres después de que Zelda desterrara la barrera protectora[7], reviviendo a todos los monstruos que fueron asesinados durante el transcurso de la batalla, y luego reviviendo a la mitad de los monstruos después de que fueran re-matados por los Guerreros. Después de que las fuerzas unidas de Hyrule atravesaran las fuerzas de Calamity, la Luna de Sangre permaneció en el cielo hasta que Calamity Ganon fue sellado de nuevo.

TLO Zelda : Breath of the wild : Ep 7 : The Crimson Moon

This is the case of Player 5, a player of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, who has achieved a new record in Nintendo’s work. In just 25 minutes and 23 seconds he is able to overcome the challenge of Hyrule and finish the final boss. A real spectacle that you must see.

Achieved last Saturday, the striking thing is that Player 5 held a record of 25 minutes and 33 seconds for several weeks. He managed to lower the time by three seconds to improve the record even more the next day to the current figure, as can be seen in Speedrun.com.

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Among the curiosities that we find, and that he himself points out, is the particularity of playing with the French language. This is very common, since the aim is to choose the fastest possible language option. On the other hand, when he arrives at the castle and must face the Iras of the Divine Beasts, he performs a brutal trick.

Zelda breath of the wild luna carmesi
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